Today’s markets are disruptive in nature
Accelerated social change (keywords: globalization, digitalization, sustainability, corona crisis) is also accompanied by an acceleration of the transformation of consumer markets. While markets in past decades were relatively stable systems (often with dominant product brands or brand oligopolies for a long time), markets today are mostly in a permanent process of transformation and disruption (e.g. electric mobility, start-ups in the food market, digitalization of services, shopping in the New Corona Normal)..

The integration of social listening and depth psychology point the way in disruptive markets
With our Transformation Monitoring Tool, which combines depth psychological research and social listening, we are able to decipher transformation processes of markets and brands dynamically and flexibly over time. In this way, the accelerated change in disruptive markets can be captured and analyzed in a structured way.

From Transformation Monitoring to Transformation Management
Disruptive markets demand a high degree of agility. Switching from analysis to operational action is a small step within the framework of depth-psychologically based topic mapping. While the conventional research and planning process involves a large number of cumbersome intermediate steps (e.g. qualitative and quantitative research > translation into a strategy > planning of operational implementation), the Transformation Monitoring Tool can also be used with great efficiency as a Transformation Management Tool.

Dirk Ziems
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